The ANTI Anti-Aging Activity

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The ANTI Anti-Aging Activity

By now, we all know that getting the right amount of sleep is an anti-aging essential. That we should avoid sugar, refined carbs, exercise daily, and take essential vitamins and omega-3 to be at our anti-aging best. But do you know what the biggest ANTI anti-aging activity is?


movingOk, so it’s not a scientifically proven fact. But we are in the process of moving and I’m living in clutter and chaos and disarray and boxes and bags and where are my underwear?

Moving is a breeding ground for chaos and clutter which naturally leaves us feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed and we all know that stress is not good for anything.

Not only that, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the early mornings and the late nights of packing and unpacking boxes, to help try and get rid of some of the clutter and stress, is cutting into my sleep time. And we all know what happens when we don’t get enough sleep

Add to that the fact that our diet has taken a nose dive cause, hello! I can’t find my underwear, let alone a pot or a pan to actually be able to cook a decent meal! And you’ve got the biggest ANTI anti-aging activity know to human-kind!

So, here I am. I’m emotional, sluggish and irritable and I’m not sleeping well. And all that’s just from beingperimenopasual! Add the fact that I’m packing and unpacking, the clutter, the chaos, the twisting and lifting and lugging, the stress, sleep deprivation, an unhealthy diet of PB&J sandwiches & burgers, a sick tyrant three year old and having to say good-bye to a house that has helped create some of our fondest memories and kept us warm and dry and safe for over 10 years and you’ve got yourself the perfect anti anti-aging storm!


The good news is, while the perimenopausal symptoms will be around for a few more years, the clutter and chaos and stress from the move will be over soon. New memories will be made. I WILL find my pots and pans (and my underwear). And we have a big (compared to our old one), beautiful, new (to us) home! :)

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